BPL Global Joins China Clean Energy Trade Mission2010-08-13

PITTSBURGH, PA – May 04, 2010 – BPL Global®, Ltd (BPLG), a smart grid technology company dedicated to leading the transformation of energy efficiency and reliability, announces our participation in the China Clean Energy Business Development Trade Mission. The mission aims to promote exports of leading U.S. technologies related to clean energy including electricity generation, transmission, and distribution. With just twenty four firms selected to participate from a prestigious list of applicants, the mission will make stops in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing to explore opportunities to meet China’s growing demand for clean energy technologies. This mission will help U.S. firms who are already established in China, such as BPLG, to accelerate their growth – all in support of the creation of green jobs in the United States.

Steve Jennings, Chief Marketing Officer at BPL Global will join U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke as one of forty six business leaders on the first cabinet-level trade mission of the Obama Administration. The mission will take place May 15-21. BPLG will explore opportunities with thought leaders such as State Grid Corporation, China Southern Power Grid and others to lead the transformation to a strong and smart grid for China.

“China will lead the world in adopting and deploying clean energy technology and smart grid solutions,” said Keith Schaefer, CEO of BPLG. “We are privileged to be chosen for this important trade mission bringing our leading smart grid solutions along with other top US clean energy technologies to China.”

For a decade BPLG has helped China meet their goals for a strong and smart grid and this trade mission will demonstrate solutions that improve reliability and reduce the environmental impact of electricity generation and delivery in China. BPLG offers a comprehensive set of solutions for a strong and smart grid with three areas of focus in Substation Solutions, Distribution Solutions and Facilities Management Solutions. BPLG’s Substation Solutions include substation automation as well as on-line transformer monitoring. The company’s Distribution Solutions include distributed energy resource (DER) management integrating renewable generation, distributed generation, energy storage and load into a single, controllable system. Our distribution fault analysis solution improves reliability by providing utilities with rapid fault location and asset protection capabilities. Finally, BPLG’s Facilities Management Solutions improve energy efficiency for energy service companies as well as large building owners. All our solutions are based on a single software platform that enables users to multiply the value of each application because all our solutions combine to work together across the grid.

China’s rapid economic growth has been accompanied by a huge increase in demand for energy and a dramatic jump in greenhouse gas emissions. In response to these challenges, China’s central government has made clean energy and energy efficiency strategic priorities, implementing programs and new regulations designed to reduce emissions of major pollutants and greenhouse gases. These new requirements offer U.S. companies an important opportunity to provide a wide range of clean energy technologies to China's growing market. The mission will help U.S. companies already doing business in China to grow and will assist experienced U.S. exporters looking to enter the Chinese market for the first time.

About BPL Global
BPL Global, Ltd. (BPLG) is a smart grid technology company dedicated to leading the transformation of energy efficiency and reliability. The company provides software solutions and services to electric utilities and energy service companies enabling an intelligent grid to more efficiently manage demand, integrate distributed energy resources, improve service reliability, and optimize cost and capital productivity. BPL Global partners with local utilities, Internet service providers, equipment suppliers and financiers to create end-to-end solutions integrating the best in software, communications, hardware and managed services to aggressively deploy smart grid solutions around the world. Part of the clean technology sector of the electric utility industry, our applications provide the critical foundation for a coordinated, intelligent grid to deliver energy more efficiently and reliably for a greener environment.

About BPL Africa
BPL Africa is a smart grid company, whose main ambition is to take a leading role in addressing two major Africa's needs, energy delivery and education. BPL Africa offers a unique combination of solutions for this continent in energy efficiency and management, solar energy generation , renewable energy storage, electrification of the off-grid areas with energy islands, electrical network optimization via microgrids, sustainable power supply for rural area computer education.

BPL Africa benefits from the exclusive partnership with BPL Global®, the world leader in Smart Grid Technology. Among other partners figure the best of the breed software and hardware manufacturers, power engineering and telecommunications experts and robust financial institutions. As all our Smart Grid solutions are parts of the clean technology sector, we work and live for a greener environment!

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