Off-grid Energy Islands

Off-grid energy islands is a revolutionary smart grid solution, which enables to bring the energy exactly where it is needed: to rural communities with no access to the traditional grids. Wind, solar and biomass energy, produced with the most cost-efficient technologies are stored on an environmental friendly iron (Fe) battery storage with 20-year life cycle. Renewable resources are managed intelligently by the control system, using BPL Global's® Power SG® Integrated Distributed Energy Resources software (iDER). The 24/7/365 iDER control center  ensures secure and stable functioning of the network.


The concept includes all the components of the smart microgrids solution except for peer-to-peer interaction with the traditional grids. The system has thus to sustain to itself. The off-grid energy island initiatives have already been supported on micro-level throughout Africa. BPL Africa adds a new smart grid vision to the concept.

Off-grid Energy Islands : delivering energy to the rural communities

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