Low Cost Housing Smart Energy Solutions

We hear a lot about Africa's need in electrification, however what we hear much less about, are affordable and feasible solutions available for the areas with no access to the electrical grid. Specifically for this urgent need BPL Africa has developed efficient and easily deployable low-cost housing smart energy solution.


The solution relies on a compact and light (38kg) transportable case, containing a battery, an inverter and a battery management system (BMS). Its capacity is sufficient to provide electricity for the needs of a household:

·       6 x energy saver Lights (CFL and LED)

·       1 x 50W Fridge

·       1 x small TV

·       Charging of cell phones.


Designed with high safety considerations to cope through potential component failure or abusive conditions, the solution benefits from high energy transfer efficiency and long life cycle (over 20 years for photovoltaic and 8 years for Fe battery).

By providing this low-cost housing energy solution, BPL Africa tends to show how smart grids bring answers to the urgent questions of Africa’s electrification, and positions itself as a leader in the field of affordable energy supply solutions.