Energy Smart Home

Energy Smart Home solution enables end users to bring to zero the number of blackouts on their premises, to guarantee the uninterrupted work of the offices and comfort for the residential users. An affordable technology consists of the usage of the solar energy stored on a battery with up to 5 MW capacity as well as extracting the energy from the electrical vehicle batteries to supplement to the traditional electrical grid.

BPL Global's® Power SG® Integrated Distributed Energy Resources (iDER) intelligent software defines which of available energy sources is the most efficient to use, based on current grid conditions. In the abnormal conditions of the electrical grid, the power supply is backed up by the energy, stored in the batteries and/or by the solar panel.


Therefore, all the probabilities of the blackouts are excluded. Residential and commercial users benefit from an efficient, uninterrupted and sustainable power supply.  Moreover, in the normal conditions of the electrical network the system sells the spare capacities back to the grid. This provides the users with the significant energy bill saving potential.

Energy Smart Home: no more black outs, selling spare capacity back to the grid


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