Smart Energy Solutions for Telecom Towers 

BPL Africa provides smart grid solutions for the telecommunications towers, which enable to decrease the digital divide within the African population. Telecommunications are one of the most dynamic sectors of the global economy. The number of telecom base stations built in developing countries will approach 520 000 by 2012. However, African telecom operators have been encountering the problems of slow and inefficient maintenance of the stations and the high cost of the power supply, provided by diesel generators.


BPL Africa has developed a revolutionary energy solution for the to-be-built telecom towers. By partnering with telecom operators BPL Africa encourages them to install the new stations close to the rural communities. The supply of these new towers will be provided by off-grid energy islands or on-grid smart microgrids, brought by BPL Africa to the rural communities. These electrical grids are projected to be community owned.


This way BPL Africa serves two crucial purposes : sustainable electrification of the rural communities and power supply for the telecom stations. We address simultaneously the issues of empowering rural communities and bringing high-quality communications to the population.