Load Management  

BPL Global's® Power SG® Load Management application is a direct load control solution, enabling electric utilities to shape, shift and level electrical load. As a result, utilities obtain a better balance of supply and demand for operating cost savings and optimum asset utilization. With this smart solution no more radical measures, such as scheduled desactivation of energy supply to the whole communities, will be needed in Africa.


The solution provides detailed visibility into the characteristics and availability of loads for specific devices. Easily integrated with other distribution management systems, our solution optimizes overall efficiency and reliability of the electrical networks.


Specific capabilities brought to electrical utilities for commercial, industrial and residential load management include :


  •  Trimming peak energy load in real time with intelligent grid devices at customer premises. 
  •  Verifying and reporting on actual load reduction and efficiency gains.   
  •  Using load management as an auxillary service to replace reserve assets,  supporting growth in base load demand.
  •  Shedding available, not used electrical load in real time to protect energy assets from overload
  • Providing demand response tools for customers to participate in demand management programs and save their energy bills
  • Reaching energy efficiency and environmental impact goals

Residential Load Management Scheme



Power SG® Load Management  solution is one of the best investments a utility can make. As an alternative to building new generation, load management can be deployed for about 1/3 the investment. Timewise, while construction of new generation capacities requires several years, Power SG® Load Management solution can be deployed within few months.  These time and cost advantages are crucial for the African continent, with its growing energy emergency. 


Case demonstrations : BPL Global Contributes to Participating Load Project for SCE.

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