Rapid Fault Locator


Our Rapid Fault Locator solution extends the awareness, reach and precision of the existing industry practice in locating faults of electric energy distribution networks.


Traditionally, electric utilities have limited monitoring capability on distribution grids. Faults on distribution lines are identified by customer calls. Line crews are then dispatched to the approximate location to investigate the fault. The process could be very time-consuming and at times, hazardous, depending on the type and extent of the faults. Our rapid fault location system continuously provides information on the health of the distribution network, avoiding faults, eliminating blackouts and reducing the duration of outages.

BPL Global's® Power SG® Rapid Fault Locator detects and reports line faults on overhead distribution feeders, and provides continuous monitoring of the line conditions. Detection and monitoring are performed by lightweight, low- maintenance intelligent sensors that are suitable for the deployment all over the distribution network. Rapid Fault Locator brings the live view of the condition of the distribution grid, allowing operators to quickly define the location of faults. Current, voltage and power quality are continuously monitored throughout the distribution grid.


This solution, so relevant for the developing countries, enables electrical network operators to:


  • Reduce hazards of crew working on outage by providing crucial information.
  • Reduce economic impact of power outage. Exclude or reduce to the minimum the blackouts.
  • Protect assets by identifying previously undetectable repeated transient faults for preventative maintenance.
  • Minimize revenue loss due to non-delivered energy during outage.

Rapid Fault Location Cycle

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