Substation Automation


BPL Africa provides substation automation systems that connect hundreds of points in the substation back to the utility operations center and engineering groups. Substation automation improves electric service reliability while reducing operations and maintenance costs.


Our experience is the difference. It enables us to truly correspond to the specific requirements of the customer; understanding complex protective schemes and, at the same time, utility-specific SCADA requirements, effectively disseminating data to the right departments  for the right applications.


Substation Automation (SA), is the collection and consolidation of data from Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) within a substation. This information enables management, from many departments, to make informed decisions, accurately and quickly to improve the quality of service to customers.


Utilities select the IEDs for substations based on their unique strengths. Our substation automation system has the ability to process data from multiple manufacturers' IEDs and supports any communications protocol the IED may require. The collected data is stored in an open database, allowing PLC, SCADA, WAN, local and remote users access to the database directly or through a Human Machine Interface (HMI) for immediate substation monitoring and control.