«The urgent need is to provide all of Africa, including the poorest population, with affordable, reliable and sustainable electricity»

From the Strategic Plan 2010 of the South African Department of Energy


Lights of the world, seen from space

Source: The World Atlas of the Artificial Night Sky Brightness


To light Africa up smartly is how we see our mission

BPL Africa is a smart grid company, whose main ambition is to take a leading role in addressing two major Africa's needs, energy delivery and education. Today we are the only company in Africa, who has turn-key, end-to-end smart grid solutions for energy delivery, born from a fine selection of the best hardware and software, manufactured by our partners.

BPL Africa offers a unique combination of solutions for this continent in energy efficiency and management, solar energy generation , renewable energy storage, electrification of the off-grid areas with energy islands, electrical network optimization via microgrids, sustainable power supply for rural area computer education. We are present throughout Africa, with the headquarters in Johannesburg and adapt our solutions to the economic realities of each African country.

BPL Africa benefits from the exclusive partnership with BPL Global®, the world leader in Smart Grid Technology. Among other partners figure the best of the breed software and hardware manufacturers, power engineering and telecommunications experts and robust financial institutions.

We serve the municipalities, utilities, housing developers, industrial and commercial customers, mining communities, telecommunications operators with a firm objective to ensure secure and efficient energy supply even to the most remote regions and to make better living for African people. We contribute to the widespread of education via our cooperation, as exclusive distributors and power suppliers, with indestructible rural computer manufacturers. Finally, as all our Smart Grid solutions are parts of the clean technology sector, we work and live for a greener environment!