BPL Africa's partners with Serveron®, BPL Global company, to provide online transformer monitoring solutions and diagnostic services.These solutions are critical to improving grid reliability while optimizing the management and economics of a utility’s asset base. Our comprehensive, on-line solutions immediately notify the appropriate personnel in your organization with information on developing problems. This information helps to avoid dangerous and costly failures while optimizing maintenance schedules and extending the life of the energy assets. Comprehensive range of solutions from Serveron® secures fully your transformer fleet.

Transformer Monitors Our family of on-line transformer monitors provide key asset data including dissolved gas analysis (DGA) of the insulating oil of power transformers and other oil-filled equipment. Using on-line gas chromatography (GC) to detect trace levels of transformer fault gases, we assist utilities in achieving the highest levels of reliable and safe operation of their transformer fleet. This enables to avoid failures on these critical costly assets. BPL Africa presents Serveron® TM3 Transformer monitor model for comprehensive monitoring and analysis of three key diagnostic gases in transformer oil. Serveron® TM8 goes even further, bringing the analysis of the transformer conditions on the granular level of monitoring eight critical gases.

Monitoring Services The Serveron Monitoring Service offers the convenience of secure 24/7 access to all of your transformer monitor data from any Internet-connected Windows PC running our Serveron Monitoring Service software. This enables your authorized personnel to download your data from our secure servers for trending, diagnostics and management of your data. Worldwide access is also available via your web browser so you’ll be able to stay on top of any problem, no matter where you are.

Transformer Bushing Monitoring Our bushing monitors enable live power factor testing with no down time and without the drawbacks associated with off-line power factor testing. Our systems provide utilities, industrial users and service organizations a low-cost, low maintenance method of testing bushings via a continuous on-line monitoring approach for 24/7 trending and analysis of all data.    

Temperature Management System TMS is a cost effective upgrade from conventional analog temperature gauges for liquid immersed power transformers.   The TMS is designed to measure oil temperatures and to calculate the Winding Hot Spot (WHS) temperature for each phase of a transformer. All monitored and calculated data is time stamped and stored in non-volatile memory. The accumulated data is available through standard communications of serial digital signals as well as up to three analog (4 to 20mA) outputs are provided. 

Case demonstration: Major International Power Transformer Manufacturer Selects Serveron to Supply On-line Transformer Monitors.